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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hair Cuttery. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Puerto Rico Travel Diary

Coconut 1

Back in April, my best friends and I traveled to Puerto Rico for a girls’ getaway. I’ve always overlooked Puerto Rico as a vacation destination, but the island has so much to offer that I wish I had visited sooner. A direct flight from Baltimore in the morning had us sipping piña coladas and laying on the beach by lunchtime. There’s no reason not to return when paradise is just a short plane ride away.


We stayed at The Ritz-Carlton San Juan, which is situated on a private stretch of beach in Isla Verde. The hotel is located directly across from the airport (a five-minute drive!), making it a prime location. The staff went above and beyond to make our week memorable and continued to surprise us throughout our trip. From the welcome gift bags and birthday balloons to the cold bottles of water and dried fruit by the pool, the hotel far exceeded our expectations in hospitality. Our favorite cabana boys even sang to me on the beach and brought out a piece of chocolate cake topped with edible gold!


The San Juan National Historic Site // A series of defensive structures that date back to the 15th century were built to protect San Juan and now exist as a National Historic Site. We only had time to visit Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, but it was still fun to climb to the top and learn about the battles.

Old San Juan // Between the colorful buildings, rich history, and vibrant culture, there’s so much to see and do in Old San Juan. We spent an evening wandering down streets, peering into shops, and enjoying the lively atmosphere that was present throughout the island. Our only regret was not staying out late for salsa dancing!

El Yunque Rain Forest // I can officially cross zip-lining off of my bucket list! I’m so glad that we included a little adventure on our trip, because it was easily the highlight of our week. Our guides from Yunke Zipline Adventures lead us on five different ziplines throughout the Luquillo Mountains that offered incredible views of the wildlife. Naturally, I was the one (and only!) person who got stuck on one of the cables, but it was an unforgettable experience.

Flamenco Beach // Culebra, a small island off of the eastern coast of the mainland, boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For several weeks, we debated whether or not a trip to Flamenco Beach was worth it since it’s so difficult to get to Culebra. Options are limited–you can either take a ferry (which is rumored to be unreliable and rocky) or a plane to the island. I couldn’t get the white sand and turquoise waters out of my head, so I convinced my girlfriends to board an eight-seater plane and hope for the best. As soon as we arrived, we understood the hype. You don’t need much more than a bathing suit, picnic lunch, and plenty of sunscreen.


I left packing to the night before our trip (procrastination at its finest), relying on my tried but true formula for tropical trips: several bright bikinis, gauzy coverups, and a great pair of worn-in denim cutoffs. I was also doing a juice cleanse that day, so by the time I got to accessories, I seriously lacked all focus. I kept it simple and packed my favorite beach jewelry: tassel bead bracelets, a boho necklace, and a white watch. A few pairs of sunglasses (currently wearing these), and I was good to go!


Fern at The St. Regis Bahia Beach // Fern at The St. Regis was like an adult-version of Rainforest Cafe, minus the penny-eating crocodile and tacky gift shop. We ate outside on the restaurant’s balcony and could hear the waves crashing along the shore throughout our entire dinner. The food was nothing short of amazing. I tried octopus for the first time ever (and only suffered a minor allergic reaction, ahem) and had a warm shrimp salad that I’m still trying to recreate at home.

Le Madre // As soon as we walked inside the restaurant, we knew we had found a great spot. It was dominated by locals, which is always a good sign in my book. While the food was delicious, our server was what made our experience notable. He gave us a handwritten list of things to do and places to eat all over the island…I just wish we had time to cover it all!

Il Mulino at The Ritz-Carlton // On our first night in Puerto Rico, we made reservations at the hotel’s Italian restaurant for an easy and low-key dinner. With a glass of Super Tuscan wine, fresh parmesan cheese, and a shared portion of pasta, I felt like I was back in Florence. Okay, so maybe it can’t compare to the real deal, but it was the next best thing.

Las Olas // After our day trip to Culebra, we drove in search of a casual beach bar for a round of drinks and authentic cuisine. Las Olas had peach sangria, a mystifying sunset, and good company…what more could you want?


Pineapple Caftan 2



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Venice Travel Diary


It kind of makes me cringe to say this, but my sisters and I actually hated Venice–so much so that we cut our visit short. I was fully expecting to be enchanted by the colorful buildings, winding canals, and the romantic vibe that characterizes the small islands. In actuality, it lacked any true charm and seemed to be entirely catered to tourists.

While in Italy, we decided to use AirBnB for a more authentic feel rather than stay in Americanized hotels. Our apartments in Milan, La Spezia, and Florence were all functional yet cozy, giving us a true sense of European living. Venice was a different story. As soon as my sister told me that she had killed a bug on the bed, I was packing up my suitcase and rolling it down the cobblestone streets. Only one towel (that could barely pass as more than an extra-large hand towel) was provided for four of us, the apartment was visibly dirty, it appeared as if no one had stayed there in months, and it wasn’t even the same place we originally rented. I can handle an uncomfortable bed and even a shower with no tub, but bugs in the bed? Not gonna happen.

On our third try, we finally found a nearby hotel that could accommodate us and offered a clean room. Maybe it was the bad start, or maybe it was the smell that engulfed Venice, but we still couldn’t leave the city fast enough. I’ve been told that you’re missing “it” if you don’t wander and get lost, so maybe you can’t discover the hidden gems in less than 24 hours. Or maybe you need a significant other and a destination wedding planned at the Aman Canal Grande. George Clooney wouldn’t steer us wrong, right?

IMG_9234 IMG_9182 IMG_9201Venice



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