Sea of Sunflowers

Sunflower Field 37

I never fully understood the necessity of a little black dress until I was older and constantly reaching for one on multiple occasions. When I came across this embroidered lace dress, I knew it would be a versatile piece to have in my closet. I loved the femininity of the bell sleeves and scalloped hem, two details that always are appealing to me. Proving its practicality, I’ve worn a variation of this outfit three times over the past few weeks, easily transitioning it from day to night. It was just right for a bachelorette party last weekend when paired with cutout heels and a sexy red lip. If you subtract a few champagne stains, trade stilettos for my favorite ankle booties, and add a field of sunflowers, you’ll have a relaxed look for an afternoon in the country. Or at the very least, a pretty backdrop for a basic girl Instagram photo.

Sunflower Field 15

Sunflower Field 13

Sunflower Field 26

Sunflower Field 33

Sunflower Field 34

Sunflower Field 16

Sunflower Field 28

Sunflower Field 38

Sunflower Field 18

Sunflower Field 32

||dress, ankle booties, sunglasses, double ring gifted, watch, ‘K’ necklace, nail polish||

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Mint Julep


Having never bartended before (not unless you count my college-approved ability to mix just about anything with vodka) and being that my strengths don’t go far beyond popping open a bottle of champagne, I was a little weary of creating a drink that involved bourbon. To celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month, Four Roses sent me samples with the task of mixing a cocktail that highlights the whiskey. I settled on mint juleps, adding a few berry-infused ice cubes for a refreshing twist on a hot day. The verdict? I definitely have to work on my muddling, but Four Roses is so dangerously smooth that it outshined my less than stellar skills anyway.

Mint Julep

3oz Four Roses single barrel bourbon

2 teaspoons sugar

club soda

fresh mint leaves

ice cubes

orange slice (for garnishing)

Using a mortar and pestle, muddle the mint with a splash of club soda and sugar. Transfer mixture to a highball glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes, then add Four Roses bourbon and club soda. Stir well and garnish with an orange slice.





Disclaimer: Four Roses Bourbon and Whole Foods partnered to provide me with samples and the necessary means to make this post possible. However, this is not sponsored content.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Pretty in Pink

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Shoot 1

A few years back, my siblings and I began the tradition of taking pictures together to later gift to my parents. You would think that we would finally have the hang of it by now, but several deterrents always seem to arise without fail. Trying to coordinate our five schedules takes serious planning, along with agreeing on the location and our outfits. It wouldn’t be a photo shoot without a wardrobe malfunction, at least one of us complaining about our hair, a minor injury, and a little arguing between grins. When Jen and Natalie decided that they didn’t like their dresses, they moved to Plan B: raid my closet. I had recently bought this shift and also had this tunic in the same pattern, so they were in luck (relatively speaking, of course—Natalie had to use a chip clip to create a shape with her dress). Alison and I wore a fit and flare dress, and my brother’s outfit was upgraded with navy chinos and a bowtie this year. When we weren’t worrying about taming our frizz, applying lip gloss, and Snapchatting selfies, we managed to take a few Christmas card-worthy pictures. Third time’s a charm, right? See previous shoots here and here.

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Shoot 4

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Shoot 7


Lilly Pulitzer Beach Shoot 8

||Colleen and Ali: dress, necklace, bracelet (currently 25% off)||

||Jen: dress||

||Natalie: dress||

||Brian: oxford, chinos (currently 25% off), bowtie||

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