A Mere $13 and Giveaway Winner


Two days off from the gym plus lots of calorie-dense foods and drinks made me rather lethargic over the weekend, but I was more than ready to get back to the grind these past two days. All of the sugary desserts fueled great workouts though—8.25 miles of intervals on the treadmill yesterday and another 8 miles today! The long workouts on the treadmill provided me with an ample amount of time to watch reality TV, which is the real reason why I even exercise. Winking smile


Last night, my brother announced that he still needed to read one more book for his summer reading; school starts in less than a week. Then again, he is actually reading the books, unlike me. I did everything in my power to completely avoid even opening a single novel. Hey, at least I made the effort to scour Amazon for the movie version (and for the record, the movies were just as excruciating).

Since hundreds of other students in the area were required to read the same book, there were no copies available at the library. Luckily, we were able to track down the book at a local bookstore, Ukazoo. One of my high school English teachers used to rave about the place, so I had checked it out once before. I didn’t remember the bookstore having an entire section dedicated to trashy books—aka the only kind of books that I actually willingly read—but I was in heaven when I found these particular shelves.

trashy bookshelf

In case you couldn’t guess, I totally judge a book by its cover. In fact, it’s often a deciding factor. It was no surprise when a book titled “Apocalipstick” caught my attention. The book is probably some weirdo science fiction novel, but who cares? The cover is pink. Usually, books are my least favorite thing to spend money on (along with food and gas), but who could pass up a “buy three, get one free” deal? In the end, I scored four books for a mere $13. Thirteen dollars!


With all that money saved, the mall across the street was calling my name. I just needed to stop in Anthropologie to return the technicolor dreamcoat. But then I saw the display windows in J.Crew. And I passed by the shoe section in Nordstrom. And then I remembered that I needed several items for a huge trip in the near future (my lips are sealed about this mysterious trip for another two weeks! Don't tell anyone smile ).

jcrew display


This afternoon, an earthquake hit Maryland as well as several surrounding states. It was startling to people of all ages, as it was completely unexpected and quite frightening. Except it didn’t bother me at all, mostly because I didn’t feel a thing. I was babysitting at the time, so many frantic calls and texts started pouring in minutes after the event. Everyone was tweeting, status-updating, and yahoo-questioning about it.

It just figures, the one time that something exciting happens around here, I somehow manage to miss it completely! The kids and I were at a park just enjoying the beautiful afternoon, completely oblivious to all of the shaking. I’m glad that no one was injured and that no major damage was done, but come on! A little excitement on an otherwise boring Tuesday would have been nice.

And now for the best part of this post—the winner of the Coobie bra giveaway! The lucky person is…

coobie generator

coobie comment

Congratulations, Erica! Please email me at jimmychoosonthetreadmill@gmail.com so that I can send you your amazing Coobie bra!

When you were in school, did you complete your summer reading assignments?

What drives you to pick out a book? Do you stick to certain authors or do you ask friends for recommendations?

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12 Responses to A Mere $13 and Giveaway Winner

  1. I felt it in NYC – it was pretty scary!

    I ask for recommendations when buying a new book!

  2. If you never did your summer reading, why do you obsess over forcing Brian and Ali to do theirs? Hmm??

  3. I TOTALLY go by the cover of books when I am looking for chick-lit. That is why I was instantly drawn to all of the Emily Giffin books!

    I was totally Type A about summer reading and completed every single book AND made notes so I would not forget anything–Lame! Haha!

    Also, I am right there with you on using your workout time to watch trashy tv. It is literally how I fell in love with the treadmill!

    • Going by the cover makes it so much more fun!

      I wish I was well-prepared like that in high school–definitely would have made the assignments a whole lot easier!

      Reality TV and the treadmill go together like peanut butter and jelly ;)

  4. All my friends on facebook were saying how they felt the earthquake in connecticut and parts of ny. Apparently it didn’t reach where I am in ny hah.. oh well.

    I skimmed some of the books and actually read some of them.. but I like reading so I was usually fine with it (unless it was something boring/lame.. hence the skimming). I refuse to buy books.. I go to the library instead – but I tend to pick out books by author.

    • It’s crazy how far it reached! I couldn’t believe that my friends in North Carolina felt it!

      I was definitely more of a skimmer, too. I enjoy reading as well, but it usually was the homework assignment that I neglected the most. I hate buying books, but I just couldn’t resist the deal (especially since I hadn’t seen these titles at my local library).

  5. I don’t have a tried-and-true way to pick out books. I usually go by recommendations, Amazon reviews, and pretty covers. Speaking of pretty, I went in J Crew this weekend. Wow – so much good fall stuff!

  6. Ali says:

    I like Natalie’s comment!!!!! :)

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