From Michael Jackson to Disco Girl

Even though I love Halloween, I did not partake in celebrating the holiday this year, in terms of donning a costume and drinking orange-colored alcoholic drinks. I had planned to go out in Canton on Saturday night, but the unexpected snow altered my plans, aka I didn’t feel like scraping the snow and ice off of my car in the freezing cold.

I love dressing up, but I always fail to plan a costume in advance, meaning I would have had to recycle an outfit this year. That usually doesn’t bother me, considering I was a cat from age eight to age eighteen. I’m not kidding. Quite honestly, the winter weather has put me into Christmas mode! Considering I’m seriously lacking Halloween spirit this year, I thought I would at least take a look back at some of my favorite costumes.

Each year, my high school hosted a Halloween parade for all of the students. I attended an all-girls school, so I wasn’t embarrassed the slightest bit to dress like a complete fool. All of my costumes were thrown together literally the morning of Halloween, but I managed to win the costume contest two years in a row!

During my sophomore year of high school, my friend Molly and I dressed up as our history teacher. He was infamous for carrying around a silver thermos of water; Molly was lucky enough to wrap her body in tin foil and cover her head with a trashcan.


Since dressing as a man wasn’t the most attractive costume, I put on my cat ears for the evening.

cat 3

Junior year of high school, Molly and I paired up again and came to the Halloween parade as Michael Jackson and his plastic surgeon. I found the mask at Goodwill the day before Halloween!

Michael Jackson


The cat costume resurfaced in 12th grade. And I assume I was meowing?

cat 5

During my freshman year of college (when I needed a normal costume), I was a flapper. I loved how simple that costume was to pull together!


Oh, I was also an airplane that year. Yes, you read that correctly. As an eighteen year old in college, I dressed up as a transportation device. I was pledging at the time—no explanation is needed.

planes, trains, and automobiles

And finally, I was a disco girl last year.

disco girl

Did you celebrate Halloween this year?

What was your best costume in years past?

Any good Halloween stories?

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7 Responses to From Michael Jackson to Disco Girl

  1. Those are such cute and creative costumes!!!! Love the MJ & plastic surgeon one! HA! …..I have no choice- I have to participate in Halloween, the kiddos as school have a party. They look cute and that makes up for it! Seriously- SO cute!!!! :) …..I was a Hersey’s Kiss one year with my sister, that was my all time favorite!

  2. I was lame and went as a marathon runner this year and just wore my old race bib, shirt, and medal. I’m not much of a Halloween person…

  3. Alex says:

    No halloween celebrating for me this year. I haven’t dressed up in years! I do love all the festivities though!

    Just started a new blog. It’s not all jazzed up yet but it’s

  4. I love all the costumes.. hilarious. I’m so sad I didn’t get to celebrate halloween this year!! Life was too crazy with school work, as usual. maybe next year :)

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