Front Row Eye Candy

Though the shows ended relatively early last night, waking up this morning for a workout was no easy feat. I unwillingly dragged myself to the fitness center and completed a treadmill workout while watching an episode of The Middle on my iPad. To finish an hour-long workout, I did various arm exercises using dumbbells.

I grabbed an apple from the hotel lobby to eat along with a chocolate chip brownie Larabar for breakfast. After showering and going through the hair-and-makeup process, Natalie and I made our way to Lincoln Center just after 9:30am.

I’m not a Twilight fan the slightest bit, but Kellan Lutz certainly had my attention this morning at the General Idea show.


He’s extremely attractive in person—especially when he’s not playing the role of a washed-out vampire.

The morning shows went smoothly, but the bigger shows in the larger venues were much more chaotic. As soon as a celebrity arrives, photographers swarm the runway, eager for the perfect shot. At the Rebecca Taylor show, some of the famous faces included Olivia Palermo and Louise Roe.


Ramona Singer was there as well, but let’s face it: she has become irrelevant. (After she was so rude to me in September, I completely disregarded her, anyway.)


Rebecca Minkoff chose to begin her show with Theophilus London performing his hit song “I Stand Alone.”


Too bad he was lip-syncing.

Nonetheless, it was still an amazing show with an uplifting environment. I love when the designer walks out at the end of the show—Rebecca Minkoff was beaming!


After the show, I happened to walk past Robert Verdi, and was able to snap a quick picture.


He is always willing to stop for a photo and has been overly kind whenever I have seen him.

In the late afternoon, we had an hour and a half break, so Natalie and I decided to walk to a nearby Trader Joe’s.


We picked up some bananas and other snacks to keep stocked in our hotel room since we don’t want to subsist off of FiberOne bars for the week (FiberOne is a sponsor at Fashion Week, so there is basically an endless supply of them).

Charlotte Ronson was next up, where her sister, Samantha, was DJing, and the cast of the show Scouted was sitting front row.


Russell Simmons drew quite a crowd, while Jonathan Cheban went [slightly] unnoticed.



Popluxe, which was a last-minute addition, was the final show of the evening. Though the clothing was nothing that I would ever wear myself, the show itself was upbeat and funky, rather than regimented and rehearsed.



We didn’t finish until 10pm tonight—the exhaustion is definitely setting in now!

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18 Responses to Front Row Eye Candy

  1. This looks like so much fun! I am loving all your pictures!

  2. I don’t know that I would have pulled myself out of bed to get in a workout if I were in the city. Good work! …… You must be having so much fun! I miss the city *so* much!

  3. Looks like you’re having a good time; I love seeing all the pictures!

  4. Oh my gosh–so many celebrities! You are SO right about Ramona being irrelevant–gah! I love that Robert Verdi is truly nice in person! I am always happily surprised when people actually match their “TV” persona!

  5. This is seriously the coolest experience. Good idea on stocking up on other fruits and snacks. Fiber One bars would get old real fast.

  6. aweeeeeeeeesome :) Looks like you had a blasty blast :)

  7. Gotta love work that is so much fun! Glad you’re having such a great time volunteering!

  8. Kristine says:

    HOW was Rebecca Taylor?! I loooove her! Glad you’re having such a blast!

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