Last week, I spent every spare moment studying for an exam that took place on Thursday. Once the clock struck 11:10am, I was officially on spring break, though in actuality, I still worked that afternoon, as well as on Friday and Saturday. Staying up until 2am with my head buried in a textbook proved to be exhausting, so a good portion of the weekend was dedicated to catching up on sleep, eating my favorite candies from the bulk section of Wegmans, and praying that I would win the lottery. Not a single one of my 21 tickets seemed to display the winning numbers, which is annoying considering there was a winner in Baltimore County. I’m not bitter. 

When I finally had my fill of laziness and powered up my laptop in an attempt to respond to work-related emails, an error message appeared on my computer screen. I decided to forget and/or ignore it for the remainder of the weekend, hoping that the problem would fix itself. It didn’t. I learned that the hard way this morning when my laptop did something crazy and resulted in me having to rely on my iPhone all day at my internship. 

Having my computer crash completely sucks (especially because I have no clue how to fix it), but not having to pay for six months of my gym membership slightly made up for it. I went to the gym this evening and as I was scanning my card, the man at the front desk called out my name to stop me. My credit card information hadn’t been updated since September, so I owed several months’ payment on top of a hefty late fee. I ended up not having to pay for any of it, since I didn’t know there was an issue with my billing in the first place. Pretty awesome! 

Did you buy any lottery tickets on Friday?

Have you ever gotten something for free unexpectedly?


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11 Responses to Crash

  1. jenxjuicy says:

    i won a $500 bloomingdales giftcard at some event at the King of Prussia store. best. day. ever

  2. jenxjuicy says:

    Once i won a $500 giftcard to Bloomingdales at an event at the King of Prussia store. Best. Day. Ever.

  3. Alas, I didn’t win the lotto either lol. I would say the free gym membership was a nice touch though!

  4. I didn’t get around to buying a ticket- I totally should have made the time to get a few! Next time- game on!
    But, the not having to pay for the gym membership would have made me pretty darn excited. That is awesome!

  5. I DID buy $10 worth of tickets, but obviously, no luck… :-(

    Ah I can just picture them being on “high alert” to stop you next time you came to the gym! :-) It’s awesome that you didn’t have to pay, though!

  6. We had a work pool.. we obviously didn’t win :( sad

  7. Oooh the gym membership thing is pretty sweet! I hope you get your computer issues figured out, because that SUCKS.

  8. Kristine says:

    Ugh so sorry about yout laptop but YAY free gym for the past 6 mos! My team at work bought $150 worth of tickets… and we wont $7. Ugh. Oh well, that permanent-vacation in the Maldives will just have to wait! :)

  9. Natalie says:

    Perhaps while on spring break, we should take your laptop to the Geek Squad. It’s probably a fixable error.

    And sweet on the free membership…. especially considering we (I) never go!!

    This is random, but I am watching the news and Baltimore City is the least healthiest area in Maryland. Howard County comes in as healthiest. Just thought you’d find that interesting.

  10. Ugh sorry about your computer issues– those are the worst. I’ve called and gone in to Geek Squad, frantically many a time! Luckily they almost always are able to fix it! And yay about the free 6 mos. of gym membership, that’s awesome!!

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