Thanksgiving Eve Festivities

For the past few weeks, I’ve felt unprepared as the holiday season quickly approached. The Thanksgiving menu is usually compiled far in advance, it’s normal for Christmas gifts to be stacked high in my closet, and boxes of decorations are always ready to be hung. With a busier schedule this year, I’m a little behind on the process, but presents can be bought later and holiday wreaths can be displayed at another time.

{Sifting through my recipe binder.}

Yesterday, however, it felt like the holidays had finally arrived. Starting off with cooking Belgian waffles for the boys that I babysit and ending with a cart full of sparkly poinsettias for an upcoming installation with Stephanie Bradshaw, the day was the perfect way to put me in the holiday spirit.

{Sparkly poinsettias for a decor installation.}

Once I was covered head-to-toe in glitter and an afternoon of interning was complete, I picked up flowers to assemble into a Thanksgiving bouquet along with a few more last-minute essentials.

{Prepping for a night out.}

My sister Natalie was having friends over, so Brian, Ali and I stopped by her apartment last night. Knowing that old friends were in town, I met up with Emily, Karen, Meredith, and Olivia–all girls from my high school, Maryvale–while my siblings stayed with Natalie.

{The Koches Klan takes Towson.}

We went to Charles Village Pub before heading to Rec Room, both local bars in Towson. Thanksgiving Eve wouldn’t be complete without seeing familiar faces, from college classmates to childhood friends.

The night ended on a sweet note with a quick stop for candy.

Candy Run

{2am candy run.}

I am incredibly grateful for all of the blessings in my life, especially for everyone that is supportive of my blog. I was beyond flattered last night when Alora, a long-time reader, recognized me and introduced herself. She was so sweet!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo, CK

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