Holiday Soirees

Now that final essays have been written and exams have been taken (and all passed–miraculously!), I’m trying to shift into holiday mode. I’m not sure what it is this year, but I’m finding it difficult to bake trays of snickerdoodles, spend hours at the mall aimlessly shopping, and wrap pretty bows on presents. Given the recent tragic events, I can’t help feeling unenthusiastic and guilty for losing sight of the true meaning of Christmas at times.

Last weekend, the SB team and I celebrated at Bond Street Social, where I’ve been a few times before. We did a Secret Santa gift exchange–I had my boss and she had me!–and the evening was spent sipping champagne, laughing, and enjoying the atmosphere.

bss1My sister Jen was also hosting a party, so I drove to her house afterwards before going back out in Fells Point. We ended the night at The Waterfront Hotel and The Horse You Came In On, dancing and meeting up with more friends.

This past Thursday night, Emily and her boyfriend Brian invited a small group over for an ugly Christmas sweater party.

photo-1After rummaging through my mom’s closet, I was able to find a chunky knit detailed with embroidered pine trees and teddy bears.

hp2I hadn’t seen Sophia or Molly, two friends from high school, in what felt like forever–it was so nice catching up with them!

hp1After having a few too many brownies and plenty of hot apple cider, Molly, Sophia, and I went to Charles Village Pub in Towson. With knotty hair, a cold wool coat, and suede booties on their way to being ruined, the three of us decided to leave before I could order a drink from the bar.

By the time we made it back to our cars, the sideways-pouring rain had us drenched. I happened to have a blow dryer in my car (I had loaned it to Emily), so hot air was on full blast during my drive home in an attempt to remedy my shoes.

One more soiree is on the calendar, but I’m most looking forward to volunteering at a local soup kitchen on Christmas Eve morning and ultimately spending time with family and friends.

How are you spending the holidays?

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3 Responses to Holiday Soirees

  1. lifeasliv says:

    I’ve been dying to find a fur vest like yours. I’m in love! You wear it so well, too!

    • jimmychoosonthetreadmill says:

      Thank you! Try Marshalls or Loehmann’s–they often have great faux fur vests. They usually have pieces that are reasonably priced yet still decent in quality.

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