Icing My Face with Frozen Mango Chunks

Icing my face with frozen mango chunks has proven to be an effective method in avoiding chipmunk cheeks.

oralsurgery{Trying not to laugh when my sister saw me for the first time}

Admittedly, I had postponed the procedure for several months, but after a consultation with an oral surgeon last week, I scheduled the soonest appointment possible. Otherwise, I would have had to miss a few days of class or have the surgery performed during spring break. Let’s be serious–I’m not trading a week in the sun on a beach for a week of apple sauce and mashed potatoes in bed.

With regular doses of hydrocodone and plenty of frozen fruit in the freezer (perhaps I’ll try blueberries later…), I have yet to experience any pain or swelling. Knock on wood.

Here’s to a well-balanced diet of ice cream + Disney princess chicken noodle soup for the rest of the week.

Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out?

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7 Responses to Icing My Face with Frozen Mango Chunks

  1. lifeasliv says:

    Ah, hope your mouth feels better soon!! Swish that salt water like it’s your job. :)

  2. I had my wisdom teeth taken out in high school. The swelling wasn’t too bad, but the pain was! And the pain meds made me throw up so I couldn’t take much more than normal over-the-counter stuff. PS – Isn’t the term “dry sockets” pretty much the worst thing ever? Gag.

  3. I would totally do the same! Who would want to miss enjoying spring break?! I haven’t gotten my wisdom teeth removed… but I have some painful procedures awaiting me in the future (ughhh). I hope that you feel back to normal asap! Have fun eating icecream!

  4. Love your blog! I hope you’re resting up and have a speedy recovery! My surgery wasn’t too bad, but anything with teeth freaks me out, haha. Maybe it’s just me!

  5. lifealawife says:

    Wow you’re getting lucky… Hope the no pain continues!

  6. Aw I hope they feel better asap!!!

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