Lethal Combination

As a last hurrah before moving out of their house later this month, my sister and her roommate, Tanya, hosted a party Saturday night.

Ravens Party 2Once we surprised Tanya with a football-shaped cake (that Jen had strategically hidden on the roof) and did one more round of RumChata + Fireball shots (a lethal combination), we left to go to Walt’s Inn, a karaoke bar in Canton.

Football CakeWhile most of us managed to stay on two feet while gliding down the street, some went soaring in the air, landing face-down in the snow. After a few [awful] renditions of popular 80s songs, it was our group’s turn to sing.

Disco BallI’m gonna leave “Wannabe” to the Spice Girls from now on. Just after 2am, we stumbled our way back to Jen’s house, cleaned up the spilled beer bottles, inhaled the leftover appetizers, and crashed in bed.

Dressed in duck boots, yoga pants, a wool coat, and the previous night’s makeup, I trudged to my car in the morning, likely looking homeless with my overnight bag–aka a jumbo-sized plastic Target bag–slung over my shoulder.

I spent Sunday afternoon creating a PowerPoint while hoping that an extraordinary event, like the Ravens winning the Super Bowl, would cancel Monday morning’s presentation. (It didn’t.)

Since I finished my homework just as the game began, I decided to stay home with my brother and enjoy a low-key night. Brian made me dinner (and by that I mean he put a frozen pizza in the oven), I screamed at the television, and finally ‘got’ the Beyonce craze.

BeyonceI couldn’t be happier to see a Baltimore win!

With three slides and no notes, I headed to campus early this morning. After my presentation, a classmate came up to me and told me that it was funny. It was a statistical analysis of financial data. I think it went well.

What did you do this past weekend?

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5 Responses to Lethal Combination

  1. lifeasliv says:

    Beyonce’s performance actually blew my mind. She is such an INCREDIBLE PERFORMER!!!!!

  2. I was OBSESSING over Beyonce! And I have a slight obsession with disco balls! Sounds like you had a great time! Who doesn’t love some spice girls karaoke?

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