Something Borrowed

Besides having someone to chat with while watching crappy reality television, a major perk of my sister moving back home is having access to a new wardrobe.

The Kochesfahani household seems to have a revolving door–while one of us is leaving for college (and by that I mean moving into a dorm room ten minutes down the street), another one of us is getting evicted from an apartment with talking panda bears. Given the inconsistency, the window for clothes-stealing is limited.

OOTD1{Braided sweater vestlight pink blouse, denim, studded clogs, necklace, gold watch, chain link bracelet}

I gave Jen a week to get settled in her ‘new’ room (read: unpack her suitcases and color-coordinate her closet), then I promptly helped myself to her neutrals to complete my outfit.

Do you borrow clothes from a sister or friend?

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2 Responses to Something Borrowed

  1. pickyrunner says:

    I love that outfit!!!! I wish I was a fashionista like you :)
    It’s going to be like that in my house too. I graduate, move home, my brother goes to college. My parents will forever be stuck with us!

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