Spring Break Staples

I’m convinced that if I were to follow a different career path, I would somehow end up as a travel agent. I’m currently helping a friend plan a Miami vacation, and during my free time (you know, like during a boring part of my operations management lecture) I like to plan fantasy vacations. According to my fake flight itinerary, I’m headed to Tahiti on Friday forĀ  cocktails on the beach. According to my real-life Google calendar, I’m headed to Towson, Maryland for $1.50 beers at a crowded bar.

With spring break on the horizon and a just-unpacked-suitcase from Fashion Week, I’ve began putting aside some staples fit for sunshine (destination yet to be determined).

Spring Break Staples{gold hoop earrings, straw hat, nail polish, body glow sunscreen, sunglasses, beach read, bikini, sandals, denim}

I like to bring a little glamour to the beach. Gold hoop earrings are definitely worn in the ocean while diving through waves. Okay, let’s be serious–I’m not about to risk getting pulled into a rip current, so the water doesn’t go above my ankles. My beach bag is never without sunscreen (don’t forget to protect your scalp! Tela Organics is my favorite) and a pair of denim shorts, cute enough to be worn while enjoying lunch poolside.

If you could hop on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere, where would you go?

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7 Responses to Spring Break Staples

  1. foodiesandbooties says:

    OBSESSED with the bikini … and thanks for the book suggestion. I was in desperate need for one!

    If I could hop on a plane tomorrow, I’d go to Puerto Rico or Cancun or something with a beach, crystal blue water AND the opportunity to go hiking. Swoon. Wishing I were there now!

  2. Definitely California! It’s my favorite vacation spot!

  3. I will be keeping these tips in mind for my vacay this summer :)

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