Nothing to Wear

Each morning starts the same way for me. I stand before the racks of clothing in my closet and wonder what the hell I’m going to wear that day. Feeling defeated, I step away from the clothes and tackle the regimen with fewer options: hair and makeup.

I make a second attempt at creating an outfit,┬ástill in my fluffy over-sized robe, but this time with Sex Appeal on my cheeks and Moroccan oil on my locks. I’ve slipped into a pair of printed, velour pants, and a tried-but-true blouse is buttoned halfway. While crawling on the floor in search of the match to my ballet flat, I spot the hemline of an old favorite in the back of my closet.

Being that it’s 6:58am and I have approximately one minute and thirty-four seconds until I’m late, articles of clothing are now flying across the room. I throw a dress over my head, struggle to balance on one foot while putting on a pair of tights that have a just barely visible snag, wrap a scarf around my neck, and clasp a few gold bracelets around my wrist.

Intern Attire{sweater dress, printed scarf, brown tights, glitter booties, bangle + ring, chain link bracelet, watch}

A quick once-over in the mirror and a snapped photo later, I’m out the door and rushing off to a day of meetings, appointments, interning, and babysitting. I received a true nod of approval when my orthodontist used a simile to compare my glitter booties to shiny teeth.

Do you go through several options before finding the perfect outfit in the morning?

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6 Responses to Nothing to Wear

  1. Kristine says:

    Um welcome to my every morning. Only I’m in the dark because my boyfriend is still asleep. I have to do some hardcore mental outfit planning the night before!

  2. Cute outfit! I love your boots!!

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