Salt + Tequila + Lime

The weekend began similarly to last Friday; Emily brought over Greek salads, and we sipped on glasses of Pinot Grigio while having girl talk.

Being that it’s officially March (and more importantly, closer to the days of pastel sundresses and warmer temperatures), I wanted to wear a lighter hue on Friday night. My sister Natalie was hosting a themed party–everyone was dressing as a television character–but I went as myself knowing that I had plans to meet friends at the bars.

Theme Party{blazer, cinched blouse (old), pixie pants, black booties, statement necklace, gold watch}

The last time that I went out in public in a costume, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, a girl stopped me to compliment my outfit then asked if I bought the dress at Urban Outfitters. Laughingly, I called it vintage since it came from my mom’s closet circa 1995, but in actuality, I was mortified that someone thought I would seriously wear a dress embroidered with teddy bears.

Though I left the hard hats and “dirt”-covered arms to my siblings, I have to admit that Natalie and Raquel looked amazing as characters from Pretty Little Liars.

Raquel and ColleenAfter guessing costumes (a personal favorite was Will Smith as the Fresh Prince) and talking to Gina and Nicky for a bit, my friend Melissa picked me up.

Gina and ColleenWe started the night by clinking glasses at the Kent, a low-key bar in Towson. It was a salt + tequila + lime kind of night for me, though I limited my drinks since I was driving home.

With a few more friends in tow, we walked to CVP down the street. Melissa and I ended at The Greene Turtle, leaving a little before the bar closed.

Not much beats sleeping in on a Saturday morning, especially when you can enjoy mimosas and chocolate chip pancakes in bed.

Mimosas and PancakesI made Ali and myself a pillowy stack, eaten alongside a cup of fresh blueberries.

What’s your favorite breakfast food (eaten in bed, of course!)?

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13 Responses to Salt + Tequila + Lime

  1. Rebecca says:

    Weekend breakfasts are the best! This morning I had banana pancakes (paleo!). But no more breakfasts in bed for me…Saturday I spilled an entire cup of coffee in the bed. It was a mess. Sounds like you had a great weekend. :)

  2. Kristine says:

    I am OBSESSED with PLL. Obsessed. Those pancakes look lovely – I’m CRAVING pancakes for breakfast after my run this morning. I actually just bought some pastels – pants, chinos, tops for spring – I’m so sick of boots and tights and sweaters and dark colors. It was 70 out in SF yesterday… spring is coming!

  3. Love your outfit! I’m heading to a black light dance party Friday and I feel that would be a perfect outfit for the night. Fancy with a hint of casual!! My favorite food to eat in bed, bagel& cream cheese with strawberries! There is something that screams delicacy to me about strawberries in bed!

  4. Chocolate chip pancakes with blueberries? And a dust of powdered sugar? In bed!!! That beats my Saturday morning breakfast by a long shot – so nice of you to make a batch for you and Ali.

    PLL is such a great costume idea! It’s a great way to rock stylish clothes. I’d want to be preppy Spencer (not crazy Spencer as of late) or Hannah – love both of their styles.

  5. foodiesandbooties says:

    I can honestly say I have never had breakfast in bed!! Crazy, I know!

  6. Glad to know I’m not the only 20-something-year-old who is obsessed with Pretty Little Liars! Also, Tequila + Salt + Lime is my go-to drink {after gin + tonic + lime as of late}

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