Atlantic City

Brigantine Beach

After graduating from college in May, I made the conscious decision to delay my process of ‘entering the real world’ so that I could enjoy my last summer vacation. I still have yet to open my diploma that arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, but I’m beginning to conceptualize the realization that my friends and I won’t be returning to the classroom this fall. Now that we live in different states, we made it a priority to reunite and planned a girls’ weekend at The Water Club in Atlantic City. The four of us started off our getaway on Brigantine Beach, then relaxed with massages and a dip in the whirlpool at the Immersion Spa. We skipped the casino scene, choosing to do dinner and drinks (and plenty of dessert) at Izakaya and saving our gambling skills for a trip to Vegas. A tame night made it easy to catch the sunrise and score the best chairs on the pool deck on Sunday morning. I’m happy to know that not much changes upon transitioning into adulthood, besides a few upgrades: we pre-gamed with champagne instead of water bottles full of vodka, traded a dorm overlooking campus for a room on the 31st floor with ocean views, snacked on organic popcorn rather than a bag of Doritos chips, and even wore suede heels since spilled beer bongs are no longer a concern. Maybe the post-college life isn’t so bad after all.

Atlantic City

The Water Club

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Summer Rain


While I always hope for beach weekends to consist of hours in the sun with a good book, the rainy ones don’t make me feel guilty for sleeping in past 8am and pairing a cocktail with breakfast. The dreary weather combined with a birthday celebration meant that there was a steady flow of food, drinks, and shopping throughout the weekend. Another perk of a day without sunshine? An earlier start (and no cover charge) at one of my favorite spots, Fager’s Island. For a little balance, I made sure to test out my new running shoes and pick up kale smoothies from Juice Shack. A group of us drove out to the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware on Saturday, but we unfortunately arrived after the tours were already all booked. We sampled their gluten-free beer and made a stop at the outlets (I bought the comfiest sweatshirt and pullover), so not all was lost. Sunday was spent at Sunset Grille, watching the boats come in on the bay and prepare for the White Marlin Open. I have a few days to detox before a mini reunion in Atlantic City with college friends, so I’m rehydrating until it’s time to hit the casinos.

White Marlin Open


Bay Bridge Pink Sunset

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Southampton Scene

Ralph Lauren Southampton

The itch to travel has only increased as I’ve gotten older, so I jumped at the chance to spend time in New York with one of the families that I am nannying for this summer. We joined friends at their house in Southampton, making for a fun vacation despite it being a work week. With four parents, two other nannies, a baby nurse, and chef on deck, I was able to sneak out each morning for a run along Gin Lane and a few shopping trips in town. Most days started with mocha lattes, ended with glasses of rosé (both necessities when chasing after seven kids), and included several hours of swimming in the pool. There weren’t any Kardashian sightings while grabbing drinks at 75 Main, but I did snag an invite to a private Poison concert (though I ended up skipping it at the last minute). Knowing that the East End is a quick flight from Baltimore, I can’t wait to make another visit soon.

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