Behind the Scenes

Bride and Groom

Do not let the bride know. Do not let the bride know. DO NOT LET THE BRIDE KNOW. Any experienced wedding planner would agree that this quickly becomes the main mantra on the big day, but after the fact? You bet that I’m sharing Snapchat evidence of being stampeded by marathon runners while carrying the bridal party’s Starbucks order. Despite the countless months of planning that goes into a wedding, something inevitably goes wrong. After two back-to-back weekends of weddings, I’ve encountered my fair share of mishaps that fortunately evolved into successful nights. My sister and I are a dynamic duo, preferring to call ourselves professional chaos coordinators and laughing at the insanity along the way. Who else is going to witness then reprimand a wedding guest for eating the floral arrangements? It’s still a mystery as to why she was munching on a calla lily as her appetizer. When we aren’t chasing the bride down to secure her dress with double-sided tape, we’re pinning boutonnieres onto the groomsmen, riding a luggage cart throughout the hotel, and carrying obscure props across a winery.

The transition from planner to guest is far from glamorous, often involving an outfit switch in a utility closet, discreetly scarfing down a protein bar during the ceremony, and tossing Converses into a handbag. After herding the last of the guests onto the sober shuttle, it’s a race to re-pack the decor into its perfectly labeled bins and pawn pieces off to the venue. Once the space is de-Pinterested, you’ll find me driving away in a car with a trunk that doesn’t quite shut, headed to the after-party.

Wedding First Look

Wedding Converse

Wedding Props

Wedding Photobooth

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Wit & Wisdom

Wit & Wisdom 2

Up until a year ago, shopping at Topshop during my trips to New York was like adding chia seeds to my bowl of Cheerios: I didn’t really “get” the craze, yet somehow found myself doing it anyway. Things finally clicked when Nordstrom introduced the retailer to its stores; it became less intimidating than its SoHo counterpart and navigating the collections was an easier feat. I fell in love with this dress when I saw it online, but it was sold out before I could order it. My regular perusal of US Weekly revealed that no other than Queen Bey wore the same dress in London, so naturally I stalked the website and prayed it would come back in stock (and it did!).

Last weekend, my sister Natalie and I met our parents downtown for happy hour followed by dinner at Wit & Wisdom. Blacklane Limousines offered me a ride in one of their luxury cars, so a private chauffeur picked us up and drove us to The Four Seasons. With a gorgeous view of the Baltimore skyline and an indulgent dinner (truffled macaroni and cheese, foie gras burgers, and glasses of red wine), it felt like a mini staycation for night.

Oh and for the record, adding chia seeds to almond milk will never compare to Snack Pack pudding.

Wit & Wisdom 1

Wit & Wisdom 5


||dress, heels, necklace, nail polish, sunglasses, watch (on sale!), bracelet||

Disclaimer: Blacklane Limousines offered me a complimentary ride but no compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Sea of Sunflowers

Sunflower Field 37

I never fully understood the necessity of a little black dress until I was older and constantly reaching for one on multiple occasions. When I came across this embroidered lace dress, I knew it would be a versatile piece to have in my closet. I loved the femininity of the bell sleeves and scalloped hem, two details that always are appealing to me. Proving its practicality, I’ve worn a variation of this outfit three times over the past few weeks, easily transitioning it from day to night. It was just right for a bachelorette party last weekend when paired with cutout heels and a sexy red lip. If you subtract a few champagne stains, trade stilettos for my favorite ankle booties, and add a field of sunflowers, you’ll have a relaxed look for an afternoon in the country. Or at the very least, a pretty backdrop for a basic girl Instagram photo.

Sunflower Field 15

Sunflower Field 13

Sunflower Field 26

Sunflower Field 33

Sunflower Field 34

Sunflower Field 16

Sunflower Field 28

Sunflower Field 38

Sunflower Field 18

Sunflower Field 32

||dress, ankle booties, sunglasses, double ring gifted, watch, ‘K’ necklace, nail polish||

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