Summer Hair Care

image||flat iron, sunscreen spray, shampoo, curling iron, hair ties, Moroccanoil, hair brush||

I often discover the best beauty secrets through word of mouth, usually coming from my friends and stylist. While getting ready together the other night (something we haven’t done since high school), my best friend and I were sharing products and our arsenal of hair tools. During the summer when humidity is always a concern, I start by applying a small amount of Moroccanoil to my locks, blow-dry it straight, and then use a flat iron for a sleek look. Emily put this straightener to the test and her hair remained frizz-free the entire night. For an easy style, I’ve been letting my hair air-dry and adding a few curls. The 1.5-inch barrel on this curling iron creates loose waves, perfect for any length.

A swimmers’ wellness shampoo removes chlorine from my hair after a long day in the pool (if you have well water, try this shampoo and conditioner, too). I also try to protect my scalp since I’m in the sun most days, so a sunscreen spray, like this one, prevents damage from both UVA and UVB rays. When all else fails, I throw my hair into a low, messy bun and top it off with a hat.

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Night at Camden Yards


Not much is more American than a baseball game on a warm summer night, so it seemed like the perfect outing to welcome my uncle to the United States. My dad’s brother is visiting us from Iran for the next few weeks, and because it’s his first time here, we are trying to fit in as many activities as possible. It’s been fifteen years since I last saw my uncle, making his trip even more exciting. On Wednesday evening, my family and I headed downtown with some friends to watch the Orioles game at Camden Yards. We stuck to tradition with peanuts and beer, but also brought along some Persian candy. Even though we hoped for a Baltimore win, it was still a fun night despite the outcome.

Orioles Game 1

Orioles Game 2



Camden Yards

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Summer Weekends

Cage the Elephant concert

Over the course of June, I’ve transitioned into a more laid-back schedule, splitting my weeks between Baltimore and Ocean City. The three-day weekends are always welcomed, even if both my email inbox and laundry loads are piling up at home. Cage the Elephant was in town on Friday night for Dew Tour, a BMX and skateboarding competition followed by evening performances. As a last minute decision, Ali and I joined our friend Brittany for the beach concert at the inlet. We somehow found ourselves deep in the mosh pit, amongst the crowdsurfers and die-hard fans. Though I left my crowdsurfing days to high school, the energy was still fun (the exception being when a girl fell on us). The weekend wouldn’t be complete without time spent by the water getting some sun and reading. And of course a trip to Dumser’s for two scoops of coconut chocolate chip ice cream as a last hurrah before attempting to go dairy-free (we’ll see how long it lasts).

Cage the Elephant concert 2 Cage the Elephant concert 3 Ocean City beach Ocean City 1 Dumser's Ice Cream

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